Target Markets

Published October 26th, 2021 by Carolina Artificial Grass

Home owners who no longer want o mow their yards (typically older)

People who want to spend weekend quality time with family (typically younger.)

Kennels that offer “doggie day care.” This is a big market as doggie day care is a big business. Kennels charge an up charge for the pets to be on “pet turf.”

Pet owners that live in apartment buildings. We offer a product for apartment or condo balconies. There is a tray underneath the turf.

Hotel or apartment buildings that have roof top decks.

New home construction: Can be put in to the loan. This actually saves money.

Home owners who don’t want to spend $ on monthly maintenance. This will be a growing market. Landscapers who mow lawns on a weekly basis ill be raising their prices significantly next year for homeowners. The 3 largest costs for a lawn service company are #1. Labor- not going down. #2. Gas costs for mowers. Not going down. #3. Fertilizer- the cost never goes down.

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